Sorting yard

1. Report and pay for the load

Report all waste (including toll-free) to the machine and pay for the load. There is an information telephone found by the machine with which you can contact a customer service representative if needed.

2. Drive into the Sorting Yard

The barrier will rise after a payment is made. Drive in and follow the traffic signs.

3. Sort the waste into the containers

Sort the waste into the containers according to the instructions on this page. You can ask the customer service team for sorting instructions via the information telephones located at the payment machine and at the building.

4. Use the waste press

There are separate presses for combustible, plastic, and cardboard waste. Use the presses as instructed.

5. Sort electrical scrap

Place the electrical waste into the container beside the building or use collection points by the building according to the instructions on this page.

6. Take the hazardous waste inside

Take the hazardous waste inside the building and sort it according to the instructions on this page. Information telephone is located next to the door of the building if you require assistance.

7. Sort any paper or glass packaging

Paper and glass packaging can also be taken to the sorting station. Follow the instructions on this page to sort them into the deep collection bins.

8. Drive out of the Sorting Yard

Exit the Sorting Yard via the lane leading out. The barrier will automatically rise when you approach it.

In the event of any problem contact the control room tel. 0503299617.

Lajittelupiha karttakuva ilman tekstejä

Review the order of the waste containers of the Sorting Yard in your own area at

Sorting instructions

Piirroskuva pahvi


Piirroskuva poltettava jäte

Combustible waste

Piirroskuva kiviaines

Concrete and rock materials

Electrical and electronic scrap

viivapiirros jääkaappipakastin valkoinen

Refrigerators and freezers

viivapiirros kännykkä valkoinen

Mobile phones and computers

viivapiirros televisio valkoinen

Television sets

Piirroskuva SER

Small electronic appliances

viivapiirros led lamppu valkoinen

Lamps and light bulbs

Piirroskuva puutarhajäte

Garden waste

Piirroskuva pakkauslasi

Glass packaging

viivapiirros vasara ja saha valkoinen


Piirroskuva puujäte

Impregnated wood

Piirroskuva metalliromu


Piirroskuva keräyspaperi


Piirroskuva muovipakkaukset

Plastic packaging

viivapiirros lajiteltava valkoinen

Waste to be sorted

viivapiirros pesukone valkoinen

White goods waste

Piirroskuva puujäte


Hazardous waste

viivapiirros kodin kemikaalit valkoinen

Household chemicals

viivapiirros loisteputki valkoinen

Fluorescent tubes

viivapiirros jäteöljy valkoinen


viivapiirros öljynsuodatin valkoinen

Oil filters

viivapiirros akku valkoinen

Lead-acid batteries



viivapiirros maalipurkki valkoinen


Thank you for sorting your waste!

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